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What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal is a kind of treatment from which you can repair your infected or damaged teeth instead of removing them. Patients need this treatment when something happens with their teeth like infection. In this type of treatment, a doctor does all the procedures carefully. So that customers can feel relaxed. By doing this, you can save your teeth and keep your smile on your face.

Will I feel pain during this treatment?

There are multiple procedures available for toothache relief that originate from infected or damaged teeth. Nowadays, people choose modern techniques for their root canal treatment. Because if you do your treatment through these techniques then you feel comfortable.

After the treatment for a few days, your teeth feel pain if you were feeling a toothache before the treatment. This problem can be gotten rid of by taking medicines according to the instructions of the doctor. If your toothache doesn’t get completely relieved after completing the treatment, then talk to your doctor.

What is the cost of Root Canal Treatment?

Now, this is the question that is coming into your mind. Because you know about painless root canal treatment, and you want to recover your damaged teeth. And now you are curious to know the cost of this treatment. Don’t worry guys, the natural treatment of teeth is not expensive. But the price varies according to the problem. If you want to replace your teeth and have a new implant, then this treatment will be costly. You can have your treatment at the clinic of Dr. Rastogi in Dehradun. He offers its services at affordable prices. By doing this treatment, you can eat properly and even you can eat whatever you want.

What can I eat after Root Canal Treatment?

After treatment, you can eat soft foods like eggs, fish, as well. You must put less effort in chewing soft foods. Try to avoid hard and hot foods for a few days after treatment. If you eat like this then surely your tooth will ache. Most of the doctors suggest not to eat for few hours after treatment.

Can I brush my teeth after this treatment?

This is the big question that comes to everyone’s mind after treatment: don’t brush your teeth without taking the permission of the doctor.


Now, you all know how you can have your own painless root canal treatment and what does it cost, and many more. At last, you are searching for the best dentist for root canal treatment, the best place for root canal treatment in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Dr. Rastogi's Dental clinic is the best clinic for root canal treatment and as well.



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